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Our Mission

We bring together young talents, experienced mentors & companies to give access to knowledge and analytical skills in an accessible manner

Our mission is to bridge the gap between education and industry by democratising mentorship for junior talents in order to prepare companies future workforce filling the data skill gap while giving students and graduates access to experience

Student and Tutor

Our Services & Products

We are a platform offering services & developing products at the crossroads between recruitment and consulting specialised within data analytics, operations and sustainability:

  • Matching the best data analytics talents fast with low risk and minimum cost

  • Ensuring upskilling and delivery quality through mentorship to guarantee maximum business value from day 1

  • Providing tools to do maturity/skills assessments and develop your talents

Who we are

We are Educanta, a mission-driven organization with a dedicated team that has experienced all facets of the education and industry landscape. 

Our journey began with the idea that democratizing mentorship and offering work-based learning opportunities could significantly make a positive impact for both future workforce and companies.

After seeing the challenges faced by young individuals to gain access to work while organizations are facing a data skill gap, we are committed to close this gap by providing everyone access to experience through mentorship

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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